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Kaffir lime


Synonym: makrut lime

botanical name: Citrus hystrix


Today the Kaffir lime is grown above all in Southeast Asia (from Sri Lanka to the Philippines), but also in Africa and Central America.



Kaffir limes are rarely found on sale in Germany. However, in Southeast Asia they are available all year round.


Appearance, taste, characteristics

In shape, the Kaffir lime resembles an egg; towards the stem end it forms a longish neck. The rind is irregularly curved and quite thick. Under it is the segmented, light-green pulp. It is not very juicy and contains many pips. The taste is predominantly tart. The Kaffir lime is also described as bitter.



Like all citrus fruits the Kaffir lime is rich in vitamin C.


Form of consumption, use, processing, practical tips for preparation

The Kaffir lime is suitable neither for eating fresh nor for making juice. It is mainly the skins that are used. They serve to flavour soups or curries, for example. Finely grated Kaffir lime peel can be used in ice creams, sorbets or cakes. The aromatic oil of the peel is often used in cosmetic products.





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