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Mediterranean mandarin


Botanical name: Citrus deliciosa


Mediterranean mandarins belong to the class of mandarins. They were the first to reach the Mediterranean area from China.



Mediterranean mandarins are available from the end of November to the beginning of January.


Appearance, taste, characteristics

The round fruits, flattened on the ends, have an orange skin that is wrinkled at the stem. This mandarin is very easy to peel and the skin has an intensive aroma. The orange pulp also tastes very juicy and aromatic. It may contain up to 20 pips.



Like all citrus fruits, the Mediterranean mandarin is rich in vitamin C.


Foreign substances

To prevent citrus fruits from moulding during transport and storage, the skin of conventionally grown fruits is often treated with preservatives. The skin of fruits treated in this way is not suitable for eating.


Quality criteria, optimal storage conditions

Compared with other varieties, this mandarin is more sensitive during transport and does not keep as well. The large number of pips, the puffiness that appears quickly as the fruit ripens, and the rash loss of juice and acidity are the reasons why more and more satsumas and clementines are now sold in place of Mediterranean mandarins.


Form of consumption, use, processing, practical tips for preparation

The Mediterranean mandarin used to be considered the typical Christmas mandarin orange. Due to its many seeds it no longer plays any large role as a fresh fruit.


The main value is in the skin, which is used to make mandarin oil, a substitute aroma used in baked goods and confectionery or in the cordial and beverage industries. It is also used in making perfumes.





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