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Botanical name: Citrus paradisi




The pomelo is a variety of fruit from Israel. It is a cross between the grapefruit and the pummelo.



Pomelos from Israel are sold chiefly from October to May.


Appearance, taste, characteristics

Pomelos are between pummelos and grapefruits in size and are pear-shaped, i.e. taper toward one end. The thick, large-pored skin is yellow to greenish. Beneath it is the yellow pulp, divided into segments. It tastes tart and fruity and reminds one somewhat of blackberries.


Quality criteria, optimal storage conditions

The skin of the pomelos is very thick and impermeable. Therefore, they can be kept even at room temperature for several weeks without loss of quality. Incidentally, the more wrinkled the skin, the better they taste.


Form of consumption, use, processing, practical tips for preparation

Outwardly, the pomelo appears much larger than the grapefruit, but when the skin is removed both fruits are just about the same size. The pomelo can be used like a grapefruit. With the pomelo as well, the outer skin of the individual segments should be peeled off before they are eaten, as it tastes bitter. The thick skin of the pomelo is good for extracting essential oils, making jam or as an ingredient in baking.





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