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loose-leaf lettuce


Synonyms: cutting lettuce

Botanical name: Latuca sativa var. crispa



Loose-leaf lettuce is a variety of head lettuce. It is of no great importance for commercial cultivation today, but it still can be found in small private gardens. It used to be planted because it could be harvested in the spring, i.e., before other varieties of lettuce reached the market in the summer. However, now that one can buy fresh lettuce throughout the year, the cultivation of loose-leaf lettuce has declined.

Appearance, taste, characteristics

Leaf lettuce does not form a head. The large, more or less curly leaves, similar to those of head lettuce, grow on a stalk. One should always pick only the lower leaves; new leaves continue to grow on the upper part of the stalk.

Quality criteria, optimal storage conditions

Leaf lettuce must be prepared when it is fresh. It wilts quickly, which is why it is only rarely to be found at the vegetable market. Packed in a plastic bag, however, it can be stored for several days in the refrigerator.

Form of consumption, use, processing, practical tips for preparation

Loose-leaf lettuce can be prepared in the same way as head lettuce.





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