Tanning Agents

Tanning agents are widely found in the vegetable kingdom. For the most part, they are very complex compounds that derive from the polyphenols.

Tanning agents are found – in more or less large amounts – in most varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as in coffee, tea and wine.

Tanning agents protect the plants from rotting and have detoxification functions. They contribute substantially to the tart or tart-bitter taste of the plants in question and have an astringent effect in the mouth.

Among the tanning agents is the group of tannins. These are found above all in legumes and in red wine.

Concerning the effects of tanning agents on our health, very little can be said with certainty to date. Since they belong in the broadest sense to the polyphenols, they are sometimes said – similar to the latter – to have an antioxidant effect and to prevent cancer, but this has not yet been proven.

Because of their astringent effect, incidentally, some tanning agents are used in the tanning trade for the manufacture of leather, and also in medicine.