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Taste, feel and discover the world: A balanced diet is important for reaching adulthood. With this online dictionary of foods and foodstuffs we want to stimulate your appetite – for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. Here you will learn a great deal about food that really nourishes. Well-founded professionally and simply explained.»»»

Gesundes Frühstück in der städtischen KiTa Am Gievenbach   Gemüse - hochwertige Nährstoffe aus der Region    Getrocknete Hülsenfrüchte
A healthy breakfast   In the municipal day-care facility for children Am Gievenbach in Münster, the teachers pay attention to a healthy diet. The children enjoy it! »»»  

Vegetables –  Whether round like a ball or completely crooked; whether yellow, red or green – vegetables are colourful and so versatile. They have the most value when they are harvest-fresh, locally grown, and seasonal. »»»

  Dried pulses   Peas, lentils and the like are small protein prodigies that come in many colours. Did you know that pulses are among the world's oldest cultivated plants? »»»
Obst - Knackig, frisch und fruchtig   Nüsse und Saaten   Kräuter und Gewürze

Fruits – Crisp, fresh and fruity – a piece of fruit is the ideal between-meal snack. In addition to many vitamins, fruits contain important minerals. »»»


Nuts and seeds – Hard shell, strong core: edible nuts make us fit and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to current studies. »»»


Herbs and spices – There is more than one cure for boredom and more than one herb to give food the necessary zest. It's worth your while to experiment. »»»

Getreide - Grundlage für unsere Ernährung        

Grains – Powerhouses that grow on stalks – cereal grains replenish our store of energy, and a healthy diet cannot do without them.